Sister Parish


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Siyum is our Sister Parish

Siyum Mission

  • The mission under the Catholic Diocese of Itanagar was started in 2009, and is entrusted to the Pallotine fathers.
  • Siyum is 400 kilometers (15hours drive) from Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Siyum parish borders with China in the north (85km away). The whole parish is spread across in an area of 1300 sq.kms
  • At present Siyum has 15 village churches.

Mission activities

The average literacy rate of Siuym is 23.8%, less than the
Arunachal state average of 47.04%

  • Mission started a primary school and a small hostel for girl children from far flung catholic villages. At present there are 7 girl children in the hostel and planning to take 10 girl chil-dren every year.


  • Mission has a dispensary, run by the help of SD Sisters (Sisters of the Destitute)

Currently tribal population worship the sun and moon god (the cult known as doni polo) by animal sacrifices and local alcoholic drinks. Animal sacrifices are performed as a ritual healing rem-edy to diseases such as malaria, typhoid, hepatitis B etc.

  • Main apostolate at Siyum is faith formation and catechesis.
  • Regular on-foot gospel tours are conducted to all the remote villages at least thrice a year by the priests and sisters.

Mission wish list

  • Village churches are made of bamboos and it has to be renovated and rebuilt( ~ Rs. 3 lakh)
  • In search of sponsors for girl children in the hostel and school.


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